About Us

Aveson’s number one promise is Personalized Mastery Learning (PML). Our promise is to provide the best personalized mastery learning model to nearly 800 Southern California K-12 students and to advocate for personalized mastery learning to lead the way in transforming public education for students everywhere so they also experience the best education possible.

Students at our public charter schools receive an academically challenging learning experience with the goal that they become inquisitive and confident life-long learners, prepared to be successful in the global community. Our skilled educators, whom we call ‘advisors,’ guide students through the Personalized Mastery Learning continuum celebrating students’ individuality and teaching them about learning itself. Students master all the necessary skills and content while building confidence in their ability to learn and thrive.

Our Personalized Mastery Learning Network (PML Network) provides opportunities for educators, education leaders and those interested in the evolution of public education to learn PML from some of Aveson’s best master teachers. Our commitment to the PML Network helps educators take incremental steps to implement PML in their schools and for their students.