• personalizing
  • mastering
  • collaborating
  • mentoring
  • celebrating
Students and advisors collaborate on what, how and when a student learns.
Students have the space and time to learn deeply.
Students learn to work as a team as well as individually and to honor multiple perspectives.
Students and advisors play leadership roles that help guide others' growth.
Knowing what you have learned and proud of it.

Personalized Mastery Learning

Personalized Mastery Learning is Aveson’s promise to its students, families and educators, to the greater education community and students everywhere. PML is Aveson’s core model where students and educators collaborate to determine what is learned, when it gets learned and when the learning happens.

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Highlighted News

My daughter is going to end global warming. She swears it. For now, I allow her comments to resonate – at least in the privacy of our home – and prompt her with questions about how she plans to start. This is the freedom, support, inspiration that her school has provided. Who am I to squelch it?