Personalized Mastery Learning

Personalized learning is manifested in both Mastery Learning (new performance-based Common Core State Standards) and individual goals for each particular student. Aveson meets each child at his or her level. Teachers set clear goals for each student, provide a personalized plan, track growth specific to that student’s needs, and adjust methods of instruction based on performance. Rather than focusing on how quickly a student learns, we recognize that children learn at different paces and strive to ensure each student reaches his or her goals.

We embrace a multi-age philosophy and offer a variety of classroom options. Multi-age classrooms encourage cooperation and synergy among students, and allow teachers to have a deeper understanding of their students through multiple-year interaction.

In addition to our promise of personalized mastery learning, we adhere to two other tenets: Social Leadership and Healthy Living. The three, in combination, are the foundation of our charters.