Healthy Living

Healthy living focuses on learning about and managing emotional, mental and physical health. These topics are integrated into the school day through explicit units and small projects during an advisory period at the start of each day. This may include interdisciplinary projects, and enrichment activities such as gardening, yoga, nature walks and hiking in Eaton Canyon. Students also have Culinary Arts classes, teaching not only healthy cooking, but food sustainability and accessibility, socio-economics and food choices, and culturally diverse food alternatives.

Healthy living also focuses on  social emotional learning. Advisors help students learn about how their brains work in times of stress so they can make healthy decisions, provide supportive environments so students feel safe and teach conflict resolution skills so children understand how to stay connected even in times of disagreement. Staff members model these practices and explicitly reinforce them in their language with students. Students are asked to consider and examine their own responses and behaviors given different situations.