Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is manifested in both Mastery Learning (new performance-based Common Core State Standards) and individual goals for each particular student. Aveson meets each child at his or her level. Teachers set clear goals for each student, provide a personalized plan, track growth specific to that student’s needs, and adjust methods of instruction based on performance. Rather than focusing on how fast a student learns, we recognize that children learn at different paces and strive to ensure each student reaches his or her goals.

We embrace a multi-age philosophy and offer a variety of classroom options. Multi-age classrooms encourage cooperation and synergy among students, and allow teachers to have a deeper understanding of their students through muliple-year interaction.

At Aveson, we equally honor academic and life skills. While we do not “teach to the test,” we prepare our students for testing and make sure they go into the tests confident and relaxed. We understand that test scores are just a small piece of the puzzle.