ACIS Home Study Program


The Aveson Center for Independent Study (ACIS) is designed to meet the needs of families who choose to homeschool but value access to a school community and a classroom experience. This is achieved through a hybrid homeschool program, which allows scholars the benefits of individualized instruction at home, while attending Aveson School of Leaders (ASL) or Aveson Global Leadership Academy (AGLA) one day per week for social and academic enrichment. Through a structured program of in-depth independent study on topics of deep personal interest at home, coupled with collaborative campus-based projects, scholars build social leadership and 21st century skills. At ACIS, scholars have a chance to shine while learning at their own pace.

Through the hybrid approach, we achieve several goals.

First, ACIS supports the Aveson mission of personalized learning. In a one-on-one homeschool setting, we can very effectively provide the right education to the right child at the right time every day. We are able to evaluate exactly what scholars know and develop a plan to deliver developmentally appropriate content that is geared toward individual learning styles and interests.

Secondly, ACIS supports home educators. Each home educator receives regular guidance from a credentialed advisor. Home educators are welcomed into a homeschooling community where other parents become resources, sounding-boards and friends. Campus Day activities cover many science, social studies and art learning objectives, taking some of the teaching strain off of the home educator. They also provide that much needed day off for the busy parent.

Finally, ACIS supports homeschooling scholars. Campus Days provide them with a consistent peer group, a classroom experience, fun and challenging educational activities, and development of 21st century skills, including collaboration, communication and problem-solving.

Enrollment in ACIS carries a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Weekly Campus Learning Days

  • Personal choice of curriculum

  • State compliance

  • Freedom to capitalize on strengths or scaffold weaknesses

  • Time to pursue subject-matter passions

  • A flexible schedule

  • Access to special education resources and/or additional academic support

Further, as an ACIS family, you and your child will have access to all school-wide programming and functions at Aveson including:

  • Science fairs

  • Talent shows

  • “Rights of Passage” trips

  • Fundraising events

  • School photos/yearbook

  • 5th and 8th Grade Culmination Ceremonies

  • Parent Education and Action Teams

  • Aveson school lunch program

ACIS is a true partnership between home and school. Read more about the role of each here. As we do for all Aveson students, the school provides resources for your scholar’s education. For home study scholars, this includes a stipend for the curriculum of your choice. Learn more about the curriculum stipend and additional teaching tools here. See our list of Homeschool Resources to learn more about homeschooling as an educational option in California.

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