Aveson Center of Independent Study

The Aveson Center for Independent Study (ACIS) is designed to meet the needs of families who choose to be more actively involved in their child's education. ACIS offers two programs to accommodate this choice. First, our home study program (TK-8) offers a hybrid option for families who choose to homeschool but value access to a school community and a classroom experience. This program allows scholars the benefits of individualized instruction at home under the guidance of a home educator and with the support of a credentialed independent study advisor (ISA), while attending Aveson School of Leaders (ASL) or Aveson Global Leadership Academy (AGLA) for social and academic enrichment. Through a structured program of academic achievement coupled with in-depth independent study on topics of deep personal interest, scholars build social leadership and 21st century skills. Secondly, our flexible studies program (grades 6-12) affords scholars the opportunity to work toward learning outcomes at their own pace on campus at least three days per week and pursue off-campus learning one to two days per week. At ACIS, scholars have a chance to shine while developing and following their own unique learning paths.

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